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New laptop and some snazzy stickers! :iconcatusdruidicus:CatusDruidicus 0 0 Spike versus Queen Chrysalis (GoH) :iconcatusdruidicus:CatusDruidicus 1 1 Big McIntosh Funko Vinyl Figure :iconcatusdruidicus:CatusDruidicus 0 0 Octavia Melody Figure :iconcatusdruidicus:CatusDruidicus 1 0 MLP Micro Series #10 RI Variant :iconcatusdruidicus:CatusDruidicus 2 0 Celestia Mystery Mini Series 3 (fixed) :iconcatusdruidicus:CatusDruidicus 3 0 Princess Luna Figurine Mystery Mini 3 :iconcatusdruidicus:CatusDruidicus 1 0 Princess Celestia Figurine Mystery Mini's 3 :iconcatusdruidicus:CatusDruidicus 1 0 Daring Do Box Set (Three) Figurine :iconcatusdruidicus:CatusDruidicus 0 0 Daring Do Box Set (Two) :iconcatusdruidicus:CatusDruidicus 0 0 Daring Do Box Set (One) :iconcatusdruidicus:CatusDruidicus 0 0 MLP FiM Comic #9 :iconcatusdruidicus:CatusDruidicus 0 0 Vinyl Daring Do Figure :iconcatusdruidicus:CatusDruidicus 0 2 Ziu'zin Owlcat Coloured :iconcatusdruidicus:CatusDruidicus 0 5 MLP Comic Issue #25 :iconcatusdruidicus:CatusDruidicus 3 0 MLP Comic Issue #20 :iconcatusdruidicus:CatusDruidicus 0 0


Death knight :iconrabbiteyes:rabbiteyes 643 13 Happy Easter Weekend 2017 ! :iconshutterflyeqd:ShutterflyEQD 368 139 Luna :iconshiromidorii:ShiroMidorii 92 21 Rainbow Dash - This is gonna be great :iconpowerpuncher:Powerpuncher 214 10 Rainbow Dash - Plotting :iconpowerpuncher:Powerpuncher 100 5 Worgen bust :iconannakitsun3:AnnaKitsun3 40 11 Lunar Kingdom :iconrocioam7:rocioam7 75 6 Happy Birthday sithwolf! (+Speedpaint) :iconrocioam7:rocioam7 90 3 Pinkie Pie~ :iconderpcat-collabs:DerpCat-Collabs 61 5 Luna's Future :iconderpcat-collabs:DerpCat-Collabs 126 7 Vinyl Scratch/DJ Pon-3 :iconpinnacleproductions:PinnacleProductions 77 12 Applejack :iconpinnacleproductions:PinnacleProductions 51 7 Twilight Sparkle :iconpinnacleproductions:PinnacleProductions 95 10 Princess Luna :iconpinnacleproductions:PinnacleProductions 52 7 Applebloom Typography :iconthundy-r:Thundy-R 32 0 Who's ready for a Rainbow? :iconharwicks-art:harwicks-art 893 68


New laptop and some snazzy stickers!
This is a bit of a WiP that I use on a daily basis so I'll upload more in the future. :meow:
Spike versus Queen Chrysalis (GoH)
This is the Guardians of Harmony range figure set but with the armaments removed from Chrysalis as I wanted to see how she would look and I must admit, the results are far better than I expected!
Big McIntosh Funko Vinyl Figure
Finding this was a real hard task and I am extremely happy with what I got and for how much I paid as well! :meow:
Octavia Melody Figure
I really love these little Blind Bag figures! They are small yet extremely well detailed such as the paint and the like. :meow:
... I can start drawing, uploading and getting back into one of the many things I love to do: Drawing!

I may be a bit slow on the uptick but I'll get there eventually and to be honest, I want to post pictures I've drawn myself here because even though I love photography, my main passion is art... well that and gaming... and music of course!

Anyway, I'll be uploading more soon as a great deal of my old stuff was lost a while ago so new new new from here on in. :meow:


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The Wanderer
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United Kingdom
This is my faves account. It's rather more active than my other main account and is more of a place for me to enjoy the funnier things in life! I do draw but that is rare as my health is not the best as I suffer arthritis in my hands. I do greatly appreciate the work everyone puts into their art to give us all the cool, funny and lovely stuff to watch, admire and enjoy!

I'm also a very big fan of the MLP: FiM comics, I know they aren't in the same timeline as the show but they offer a fun and often rather enthralling look into the lives of the cast and even some of the more background characters. If you like that sort of thing, I highly recommend picking them up! They have kept me sane many times when I am awake in the early hours with arthritic pain so that's got to be a plus!

Favourite Pony: Vinyl Scratch! Music is my life, it brings me happiness even when I feel horrible and helps me up out of that rut when I need it most. It truly is the thing that good times are made of and I've come to know one thing from my travels: Music makes the world go wub!

I also like Octavia Melody, both her and Vinyl remind me that no matter the style, pretty much any music genre can live in the same world as another and that harmony can be achieved even in the strangest of places.

My camera of choice is my Google Pixel. :meow:



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Thank you so much for the watch, you have no idea how much it means to me! If you like my cosplays feel free to check out my Facebook if you want :D
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It be my pleasure mon! *happy Druid* :meow:
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I really appreciate your support:)
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Thank you kindly for the watch!
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